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GFCI Devices

Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter, more commonly referred to as GFCI, is an inexpensive electrical device used in precarious places like kitchens and bathrooms to protect you from injury and burns due to electric shocks, and in worse case scenarios—death by electrocution. That’s reason enough to make sure you’re protected.
Here’s how it works: Ground-faults occur when current is leaking, causing electricity to escape “to the ground.” When you come in contact with the source of electrical current, your body becomes a receiver and you can become severely shocked. When you are GFCI compliant, loss of current is monitored and differentials in the flow will cause the circuit to shut off before a fatal injury can occur.

#1 Cause of Electrical Fires in Homes

You might be surprised to know that the number one cause of electrical fires in homes is not the electric blanket, but the extension cord it is plugged into, which also houses the alarm clock, table lamp, laptop and anything else within your reach when your electrical outlet is not. Clark Electric Co. will install new, grounded outlets anywhere and everywhere you need them, so that you can renew the safety of your home or business. 

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